Asian Drama Guide for Dummies :P

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Things that always happends...
- male main character tries to grab the female main's hand, she'll fuss without success, secretly, she likes it
- the main love interest hate each other at the beginning and fights a lot
- the side charakters end up together
- rich male character fall in love with a poor girl
- one of the main character will probably have cancer and die soon
- proposes gonna be spectacular
- male characters always looks fucking hot, it doesn't matter if they're bad actors
There is always...
- a situation, where they have to sleep over together
- random body contacts become really awkward. One or both of them will have flashback(s) about that scene and smile.
- a sick mother in hospitel because of car accident or cancer
- (a) stolen kiss(es), the female main refuse but then she starts to cooperate
- a heart to heart talk about the their tragic childhood
- bribe attempt from the male's parents to get rid of the female character
- a stupid&funny character for cockblocking or make us laugh.
Side effects
- give you unrealistic fatasy about love
- make you believe you can be with the popular hot boy at your school
- you think behind every asshole is a sad childhood story
- Make you look like this 
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So, I hope it helped or at least it was epic to read. Maybe, I gonna introduce you with some asian dramas...who knows :))

PS: Don't get me wrong, I love asian dramas

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