Kiko opening Zurich

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I were at the first swiss Kiko store in Wallisellen. Together with CookienailsNicole, Pishi, Maja and Genevieve.

I already met Pishi at the Zurich main station so we can catch the train together. She was pretty exited to meet the bloggers. I guessed Pishi's age a bit too young and she joked: Glad to know that those creams really work.

As soon as we arrived in Wallisellen, we were like: Where do we go to find the Kiko? If I quote us, it will be like this:

Don't worry, we found the store. We met Anja and Liridon randomly. The Kiko store is really big and there were so many people. I also found Raza, she works in Kiko. The perfect job for her, surrounded by make up. It's the first time I saw her live and she was really cordial.

Left: A photo of me with Pishi and Genevieve
Right: What I bought, only less because I needed the money for some asian cosmetics order

Find Maja's Post about the meeting HERE and the Post by Genevieve HERE

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