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A while ago, I didn't think face contour would make that much difference, that's wrong. It's amazing how you can change the face shape with highlighting and applying shadow on your face. At the beginning, you'll think it looks like make up edge, but it makes your face looks so much more advantageously.

This is just a quick lesson, you don't need to do all of them.

(S)=Shadow (H)=Highlight

1. Turn a square forehead into a oval/round one, makes it look more feminine.
2. Highlight this part makes your forehead looks smaller
3&4. Correct your nose brige and make it narrow.
5. Increase the effect of a narrow nose, shadow this parts.
6. to create a smaller face or a less round one, shadow this parts. Shadow the face edge as you wish to create diffrent face shapes.
7. Highlight the cheeks and strengthen the effect of a "6".
8. Causes a pointed chin.
9. Light up the mouth corners, it looks better, trust me.

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