Facebook vs. reality

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What people say/do on Facebook and what they say/do in reality.

Facebook: I`m a virgin
Reality: I have sex all the time

Facebook: Weight doesn't matter
Reality: Eww, she's so fat

Facebook: support gay marriage
Reality: Bully someone because he/she is gay

Facebook: I love you!
Reality: Never seen each other before

Facebook: I agree with Einstein's theory of relativity
Reality: Smart as a potato

Facebook: Only take pictures of salad
Reality: Eat cheeseburgers all the time

Facebook: He is the only one for me!
Reality: Have 3 boyfriends

Facebook: Me without make up
Reality: Looks like she's sick without make up

Facebook: Post "deep" quotes as status
Reality: Whazzz up, niggas

Facebook: Party all night long
Reality: Stay at home everyday

Facebook: Read a lot of books
Reality: Can't spell dog

Facebook: That movie wasn't scary at all
Reality: Sleeps with the lights on

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