What horror movies has taught me

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1. Do not make any genetic experiments
2. Never cheat on your girlfriend/wife, they probably will go crazy and kill you on a horrible way.
3. When you hear somebody scream, you shouldn't follow that voice, you should run for your fucking life!
4. Everything harmless is scary, especially children!
5. There are no funny clowns
6. Every Party gets a visit from a killer
7. Doctors are evil geniuses
8. The dumb one gets killed first
9. Avoid people that have doll collection in their house
10. Stay out of the cellar
11. People that live in a small farm house in the woods are psychos
12. If someone told you this house/item is haunted, stay away!
13. The chance is big that the japanese girl you just met is already dead, she's coming back for revenge
14. Camping never ends up good
15. The only reason a hot girl is nice to a nerd is because she wants to eat him
16. Go into the bathroom is a dangerous thing to do
17. Don't keep strange Antiques
18. Don't judge people on skin colors, but chalky white skin is still a sign of evil
19. Female ghosts prefer dirty white dresses
20. Don't read a weird latin text aloud

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