People who deserve to get punched in the face

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Those who...
- tag their own Instagram photos with #hot, #model, #sexy etc.
- write status' like "it's 11:11, so magical"
- say/write SWAG and/or YOLO
- think YOLO excuses everything
- "like, if you're human", "like, if you don't hate puppies", "like, if you're not a potato"
- an album full of sunset & lake pictures, album name: photography
- think they're famous for getting more than 5 likes on something
- write something about JB or 1D everywhere
- posting thousands of photos of their dog
- take selfies in the bathroom
- make a duckface
- take a pictures withlcohol, cigarette etc.
- are bullies
- think Chinese eat their pets
- ask you to like their selfie
- send farmville invitations
- write "Chillexing with my Biaaatchees <3<3<3 ;)"
- are stupid but don't get that they're stupid
- like Honey Boo Boo
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