Inside the Dior company

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I haven't been on my blog for "a while", I focused on my private live much more lately. There were so many things to do and I also felt a bit unmotivated. However, I gonna try to blog some more. ^.^

I went to the Dior company as a model for a Make-up course. I got to say, I love it! But who would not? Make up everywhere and Dior perfume in the bathroom, how awesome is that!? 

Michelle, the teacher, is a Dior MUA and super nice, I noticed that she really loves her job. I love her job too, haha. (I'm not envious, I'm not envious, I'm not... XD)

I went there 2 times and I ended up also teaching the students because Michelle asked me to help her out since I know a lot about Make -up. I felt so honored to hear that, because I'm not a professional. To hear someone like her praise me is very exiting. I had really a great time and a amazing experience. 

They also gave me some Goodies, thank you Dior!

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