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I'm going to London this Sunday from the 15.6 - 22.6, big cities like London needs a lot of preparation. In this blogpost, I wanted to show you, how I prepare for my vacation in London.
#1 Learn some basic words
I speak fluent English, but if you're not good at English, at least learn some basics that will help you.

#2 Inform yourself about the attractions and where it is
London is pretty big, make sure to pick out the places you want to go before you go on the vacation. It will save a lot of time.

#3 Pick a hotel with free Wi-Fi
Internet is important when you want to know something, like the opening hours of a museum. You can always ask hotel staff to check that for you, but it's annoying when you have to ask the staff about everything. Paid Wi-Fi are usually expensive, also it's no very smart to pay the Wi-Fi fee for one hour just check something that only takes 5 minutes. It's also important, if you use apps like Citymapper that requires internet connection.

#4 Pick a hotel close to public transport

#5 Use apps
I tested a lot of apps, it turned out that Citymapper is the easiest & most useful app for me. The public transport can be very complicated for a foreigner, this app will help a lot. It even shows the ticket price and how it will cost with taxi.

#6 Make a Schedule
I don't strictly follow schedule I made, but that's also not the point. It should give you rough overview on what to do on which days. Plan the attractions that are close to each other on the same day. 

(btw. My laptop language is in Chinese)

#7 Write a shopping list

#8 Check the London Markets
London have a lot of interesting Market, don't miss them!

Have you ever been to London?
Do have some advice for visitors?
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