Ways to cheer up!

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I'm definitely not a very positive person, but I try to change. As the time passes, I did change my ways to handle with bad news. So instead of being sad, I want to look forward and also hope everyone who might not have the best times of their lives right now can cheer up a bit. Here some things that might help cheer you up.

ღ Cry

It's scientifically proven that tears can flush out toxins, it doesn't mean that tears are toxic. Stress build toxins that makes us feel bad, once they're out, you will feel so much better. I remember people always say that crying doesn't help, well now you know, it actually DOES help. If you want to know more click HERE.

ღ Chocolate (and other food)

Ever heard of food=happiness? Well, it's actually true. While eating, our body produces endorphins, a hormone that makes us happy. It's also same the same hormone that we produce during sex. 

ღ Remember that Leonardo DiCaprio has as much Oscar as you do.

ღ Comedy Videos

A good laugh never hurts. There are tons of funny videos on Youtube. Some suggestions below.

ღ Restore your faith humanity 

It's good to see that there are still people out there doing random act of kindness, somehow, it also makes you feel good.
Check out givesmehope.com or faithinhumanityr.tumblr.com for heartwarming stories.

ღ Change your hairstyle

Maybe a new haircut is just what you need to feel brand new. 

ღ Travel

Discovering new places is definitely a good choice to de-Stress. Instead of travel to mainstream way, I suggest you to try airbnb. It offers places to stay all over the world, you can rent a single room, a entire place or even a whole castle (and other fancy places). This will make your vacation unique and makes you feel like you just moved to a new city. Shu An from tried and tested made a videos about it.

ღ Treat yourself something

I don't want anyone go crazy and spend all of their money, you don't wanna end up broke, right? How about just buying that pair of heels that always wanted? I'm sure you feel better after that.

Hope you all have a nice day and good luck :)

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