Why don't asian age (fast)?

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A famous asian phenomenon is that asians don't age fast or asians age better. It's not just a Myth, it's kinda true, so I did some research and summarized some reason why asians don't age (fast).


Unlike other cultures, asians don't like to be tanned, actually you can say they hate it. White is a beauty standard in asia, also a sign of wealth. Most asians want a job where you can work inside (Doctor, Lawyer etc.), those are also the jobs with higher salary (mostly). So the logic here is white=not exposed to the sun=work in a office or something like that=wealthy.

Especially girls are crazy about whitening. You will see a lot of skin care products in asia with whitening effect. They also use special UV protection umbrellas in summer. This trend comes with a great side effect, you skin looks younger, smoother and moisturised. The sunlight dries your skin out, you will see it once you are getting older. A lot of people have nice tanned skin in their 20s, but they will get wrinkles so much faster and this automatically makes you look older. 

Skin care trend

I definitely think asians are crazy about skin care, not only the girl, also the boys. It's normal for the boys to have eye creams or toner, in asia this isn't considered as feminine. Skin care is more popular in asia than make up, it's all about having perfect skin.

Make-Up habits

Asian really like the natural look, less is more. They also don't contur very heavy and their products use more natural ingredients. A lot of asians only use BB cream and a bit of powder, if they contur, they'll contur very lightly. 

Eating habits

Asians eat more healthy and not even on purpose. A lot snacks are made of vegetables or fruits. For example, instead of chips we eat flavored dried seaweed and instead of candy dried fruit slices. We don't drink coffee, we drink tea. This kind of eating habits also helps improve your skin and health which makes you age slower. Their eating habits also makes it easier for them to stay thin.

And here a Picture explaining the average asian aging process :)

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