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the real unrealistic things

Well, everybody complains about how unrealistic the sex is or the storyline itself, but lets be honest, there are in things in 50 shades that are way more unrealistic than that.

Ana has a flip phone
Who even has a flip phone these days, if you're not a manga character or super old there's no way why somebody would use a flip phone.

They write e-mails
This falls in the same category like the flip phone, nobody would write e-mails to communicate with their boyfriend. This book/movie need some serious tech updates.

The apartment
So she can't afford a smartphone but such a nice apartment, aren't students usually poor?

The save word
Ana forgets the save word "red" (since red is such a hard word to remember) and they changed the save word to popsicle. At this point I really doubt Ana's IQ and the IQ of the author.

learn new ways to be romantic and sexy

  • "Do you sell cable ties?" is officially a pickup line.
  • Is "No escaping now" sexy or murdery? I'm not sure.
  • I wonder how people react to "laters, baby" before 50 shades.

a lot of other questions like

  • Why do they read the contracts in such a dark room? - You can't even see the words.
  • Why does Christian know how to do a fishtail braid? - Some girls don't even know how to do that.
  • Why does Dakota Johnson always make such a orgasm face? - You know what I mean.

  • Why did they gave Rita Ora that wig? - It looks ridiculous.

What the guys don't understand 

I saw a lot of guys online questioning if Christian Grey is really what a women wants and why is Mr.Grey is so popular. The thing is, he's rich, good looking and not super old, for some women, that's more than enough reason to love him.

things we should be thankful for

  • The words inner goddess did not appear in the movie, THANKS GOD!
  • They removed the tampon scene, just imagine how weird the scene would be and also very gross.
  • After all, the soundtrack is really good.
  • The elevator scene was really hot and fulfills some women fantasies.

that one thing we all can agree on

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