May Announcement/News - tumblr blog, vacation...

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Just a very quick post about May, news and changes :)

Shanghai vacation 
I will be in Shanghai in May which means there aren't gonna be many posts in May, if I get the chance and internet access I will write posts, but most likely it will be a quiet month. The blog serie Viral Roundup gonna pause for a month as well, if I have time I will still do Viral Roundup but not probably not weekly during the vacation. I will update Instagram whenever I can.

Tumblr blog
I started collecting my work on my tumblr blog since I don't want to spam anyone on this blog with my designs. You can find it at the navigation bar "art gallery" or in the sidebar.

Free Resources
I've added a new page on my blog with free resources sites. Those sites have PS resources, tutorials, icons, vectors etc. Just like the online shops list, it will be updated regularly.

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