I've tried the Kylie Jenner app...and the apps of her sisters

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Apparently Kylie Jenner's app is the Nr.1 on the app store charts. I actually never knew the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have apps, and it's not even free. For $2.99/Month, you'll get access to the app and her sisters apps.

All of the Kardashian-Jenner apps offer a 7 day free trial.

Have you seen it, it has sound now! Kylie finally figured out how to record videos with sound, because it is SO HARD to do that.


A big selling point for her fans is the fashion & beauty advice Kylie will give on the app. Of course I had to check that out.


So Kylie or the people she hired are trying to offer cheaper alternatives to what she is wearing, but the things they suggest looks NOTHING like what she's wearing, not even the same color!

IMG_4805 IMG_4804

Again, the same problem! 
Her dress is full of knitted details and the alternative dress is covered in sequins

I'm not a nit picker, but isn't point here to find look-a-likes?

IMG_4807 IMG_4808

Beside the crappy content, WTF is this denim pencil skirt?!

IMG_4794 IMG_4795

Almost every rich person wears this bangle, there's nothing signature about that. It's like a celebrity saying carrying a Chanel bag is her "thing". Also, no average person can afford a stack of them, since one bangle costs $6'300.


IMG_4796 IMG_4799 IMG_4798

There also some make up videos, just in case you hadn't had enough of her face...


How funny that she just turned 18 but looks like almost 30.


Considering the fact that most of her fans are teens and preteens with a lot of free time it's no surprise that her app is successful.

Final Thoughts:

"It's basically a very crappy beauty & fashion app with awful tips from a narcissist."


The concept of her sisters app are basically the same. Below a quick comparison.


IMG_4819 IMG_4826


IMG_4823 IMG_4824


IMG_4821 IMG_4820
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